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Many of our members started providing orthodontic treatment because they were not completely happy with the results they were seeing. There is criticism that the dentists are only attending weekend courses, or "motel courses", and can not handle the complexities of orthodontic care. These courses initially teach the dentists how to handle the easier cases until a level of experience is achieved. What is interesting is that the majority of the orthodontic cases seen fall into this category. Many countries around the world follow this concept, where the dentist will treat the majority of cases and the specialists will treat the more complex cases. Unfortunately, in this country all the orthodontic education is withheld and general dentists are discouraged from providing orthodontic care.

The goal of the NZDOS is to bring about change in this regard by offering educational opportunities and support for all those interested in providing orthodontic care. We are filling the void that has been left by those who should be sharing this information under their responsibility to the profession, but have chosen to instead stand in the way.

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