Get that perfect smile you deserve

What you need to know

Getting braces, or any other orthodontic treatment, is a big commitment. Before you make your decision, it is important you and your family or whanau understand what your options are.

It is important to understand why you want orthodontic treatment and that you are realistic about your goals. Your case is unique and sometimes there are limits to what can be done. It is your dentist’s responsibility to explain the plan they are proposing, and why it is right for you.

Do I fully understand my treatment options?

Make sure you understand what your different options are. Ask for more information if anything is unclear.

Orthodontic providers can have different approaches and methods to treat similar problems. For example, some providers in crowded cases prefer to not extract teeth if possible, whereas others prefer extractions. Both approaches can deliver straight teeth but can have different outcomes for the look of your face. Modern orthodontic approaches diagnosis from a “facial profile” point of view.

This approach sets treatment goals to create not just straight teeth, but beautiful faces and healthy temporomandibular joints. Dentists can provide not just orthodontic advice but can help you with combination treatments. For example you may have crooked teeth that are worn and discoloured. Your dentist can straighten your teeth and provide whitening and a smile makeover.


Which Treatment suits you?